Your Company Needs Social Skills

Social media has changed the game. How companies communicate with their customers has been radically altered. Social media has impacted marketing, customer service, recruiting and business development. The world is talking on the web. How is your company listening?

Who is managing your platforms?

More and more applicants for social media strategy and marketing jobs are claiming guru status on their resumes. But it's time for businesses to move beyond someone who just has a Facebook page. You want a candidate who understands how to use these tools strategically and effectively in order to help your company connect with its audience and win.

We're here to the help!

Social Network Staffing, a Division of Smirk New Media, has a powerhouse team specializing in web content, public relations, media and strategic use of emerging digital channels for brands. While working in social media marketing, our team has seen many companies struggle after selecting a candidate who lacked the skills needed for success. At Social Network Staffing we select and recruit the best social media minds in the market and deliver someone who understands the social media landscape and how to help your company shine. We can also work alongside your new hire, to develop training and strategy and give businesses a running start as they grow in the digital world.  

Social Network Staffing, a Division of Smirk New Media, uses our team’s professional social media expertise and network of experienced digital strategists to match the right candidate with the right company.